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Put Your Dream on the Fast Track with a Single Click

The Live Your Joy e-course is simple. And it works. How do I know?

I’ve been at this for a long time, and believe me, I know when I’ve got the spiritually guided goods. The last time I felt like this was when I wrote my first self help book, How Much Joy Can You Stand? ten years ago.

Since then that little book has been read by more than 60,000 people around the world.

And it’s been featured in Self, Fitness, Woman’s Day, The Christian Science Monitor, i-village, and more than 100 radio and TV show. And it spawned another book, Living Your Joy, which became an Amazon best-seller and was called one of 9 ‘Best of the Best’ self help books by SELF Magazine.

So believe me when I say this is valuable work.

Why I Decided Not to Make This Program a One Shot Deal , But Went for the Slow Dribble Instead

By the way, you may notice this product is not an e-book. Why? Because even a turbo-read through an ebook won’t solve the problem of an unfocussed, dragging dream. What’s called for is continuous support, in a small dribble, if you will, over time. Just like an e-course can deliver.

In a recent survey, 350 of my Joy Letter readers told me:

  • “I want to learn how to incorporate my dream with ‘reality’.”
  • “How do I know if I’m on the right track?”
  • “Put me on a course … show me how my dream can be done ‘against all odds’.”
  • “I need to overcome my fear of putting myself out there”

The answer is to be reminded every few days about your dream – and then be inspired to act on it with guided lessons.

What anyone with a lagging dream needs is deep work that begins with a committed course of action – even if it’s only 15 minutes per day or two hours per week. That’s the minimum amount of time I estimate this program requires to get you going. (Once your passion kicks in, of course, wild horses won’t be able to drag you away from your project … you’ll happily be putting in all kinds of time – and getting all kinds of results.)

Still, I realize your time is precious. That’s why this course sends out only two e-lessons per week … just enough material to give you lots to think about without being overwhelming.

That steady presence in your mailbox keeps your encouragement up and turns your mind around about your dream. So you’ll find yourself getting more and more excited and committed.

nd that growing sense of passion stops any tendency to get distracted or sidetracked.

Why I’ve Combined These e-Lessons With a Secret Weapon!

But you need more than just regular encouragement to tap into your passion … you need critical guidance and tools to find your way along the path of your ream.

That’s why the Live Your Joy e-course combines e-lessons with MP3 downloadable recordings of guided visualizations and affirmations.

These arrive in the middle of the program, just when you’re ready to move to that level of work.

Scientific studies have proven again and again that listening to affirmations, and even repeating them, physically change the tiny structures in your brain that actively effect what you say and do.

So yes … you need these affirmations to make a real difference in your dream

Imagine how empowered and juiced you’ll be after driving to work, listening to a CD you’d burned of the course’s affirmation recording, “Believing in the Bigger You”.

Or how great it will feel to sink back into a comforting, guided meditation like “Your Power Studio” that takes you to the next level in your dream work when you get home, tired, from your job.

Again – just to really make the point — here is just some of what the 10-week program covers:

  • Cutting Through Procrastination, Good Excuses, and Other Nasty Lies
  • Deepening you Intuition
  • Determining What’s Your Intuition and What’s Not
  • Giving Yourself Permission
  • Tapping Into Your Natural Discipline
  • Believing in the Bigger You
  • Creating a Guided Task List
  • Making the Right Connections
  • How & When to Share Your Work
  • Sticking to a Schedule
  • Managing Your Fears
  • Creating a Power Studio

When I put a new course out there, I tend to get a lot of positive feedback.

That’s how I know the combination of e-lessons and meditations are effective.

Here’s what some students said about other courses I’ve created.

So … do you really need this course?

Certainly not! I’m the first to say that many motivated souls out there can happily live their dreams with no help from me. And to them, I tip my hat. That kind of passion is invigorating and impressive.

But that’s not ‘most people’. Most people get discouraged, or stay muddled, or simply haven’t got the guts to go out there with their dream all by themselves. Which is why I created the Live Your Joy e-course … because I’m committed to helping YOU live your dream.

At any rate, perhaps you’d like a free sample. If so … here it is.

Want a Little Taster of This Course
… Just Like in a Fine Cheese Shop?

If you’re sitting on the fence, just not convinced this program is for you, I can put your mind at ease. I’d like to offer you right now, without delay, the first two weeks of this program for utterly, absolutely free.

Not because I’ve lost my mind, mind you, but simply because I believe in the power of what I’ve created here … and I know if you download it and work it, you’ll catch the bug, too.

More than anything I want you to live your dreams – I really do! And I know this can help move you seriously forward.

If you’re like ‘most people’ and you find it hard to stay in the game, or sit still at your desk and create, this program will help. If it doesn’t, I want you to use our money-back guarantee.

So here’s the offer: a 10-week program that takes you by the hand and gently nudges you into making your dream real in your life with

  • 10 laser focused e-lessons that move you to the next level with your dream
  • 2 MP3 recordings* of Suzanne leading guided visualizations and guided writing exercises, to deepen your intuitive/spiritual access.
  • 1 MP3 affirmation recording* that wipes out old habitual patterns of negative thinking and staying small
  • Access to a Yahoo Group of like-minded others who are following the Live Your Joy work, with frequent check-ins from Suzanne

*These recordings will be sent as link you can download into your computer as the program progresses. Then you can play them either on a CD you burn, your MP3 player, or on your computer.

Oh, yeah … I’ve got bonuses, too. But NOT because I need to throw a thousand bonuses your way to make this program seem more valuable. I know it stands alone quite happily.

I’ve added bonuses simply because I want you to have an extraordinary New Year – and this product, plus the accompanying package of great New Year’s goodies means This will be the Year You Soar.

Here’s the full deal …

When you buy the Live Your Joy e-course, you’ll get a link to your first lesson within moments. You’ll also get my Live Your Joy Super Bonus Bundle

  • Special Report: Get a Clean Start to Your Year
  • Special Report: How to Moonlight Without Losing Your Mind
  • An Especially Helpful Special Report: How to Take an e-course So it Really Works

Once you start our Live Your Joy e-program, you’ll probably find you also want to dig into your Soul Purpose. So we’ve created a special guided visualization CD and mini e-workbook titled ‘Discover Your Soul Purpose’ that helps you really lock into your purpose in life … and go for it! You can learn more about the Discover Your Soul Purpose CD here.

As a courtesy, we’ve made this recording available with our Live Your Joy ecourse for a special, bundled price of $116… with our compliments!

Simply click here to find the correct Buy button for this bundle.

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