Why Everyone Should Try BDSM Sex For Their Mental Health

When you think of the term BDSM, you might think of very extreme sexual acts that most people would be willing to try. However, BDSM encompasses much more than this. In this article, we’ll explore why everyone should try BDSM for its mental health improving qualities, and how you can get started, even if you’ve never imagined doing outside of the most vanilla sex acts.

What is BDSM?

BDSM is a relationship between two or more people where one person (the Dominant) takes control over another person (the Submissive). The Dom’s actions are often dictated by their own personal kinks and fetishes, but they also have to make sure that the submissive partner enjoys the experience as well. It may sound like an odd concept – taking control in a loving sexual relationship? But it works pretty well, especially when both partners want something different from their relationships.

How do I start exploring BDSM?

You shouldn’t dive into the deep end right away. Instead, you should start off slow and see if there’s anything you like. The popular BSDM dating site BDSMSexDates.com has a BDSM sex guide with more tips, but here are some quick tips to get your started.

Find a trustworthy partner. This is probably going to be the most important aspect of all of this. You need to find someone who knows how to trust you enough to let you lead. They also have to be someone you can trust to follow through on their own responsibilities. Finding this kind of person isn’t easy, but it’s worth the effort.

This is probably going to be the most important aspect of all of this. You need to find someone who knows how to trust you enough to let you lead. They also have to be someone you can trust to follow through on their own responsibilities. Finding this kind of person isn’t easy, but it’s worth the effort.

Practice. Practicing is one of the best ways to become better at something. You should definitely practice BDSM; not only does it help you learn what you enjoy, but it lets you figure out how to make sure that everyone involved is having a good time.

Practicing is one of the best ways to become better at something. You should definitely practice BDSM; not only does it help you learn what you enjoy, but it lets you figure out how to make sure that everyone involved is having a good time. Use sex toys and accessories. There’s no way you’re going to be ready for this unless you use some tools to help you along. Start small with plugs and dildos, and work your way up from there. Don’t forget to practice safe sex practices!

Don’t forget to practice safe sex practices! Talk to your partner. Communication is absolutely vital. Make sure you talk to each other about everything you plan to do. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning on using toys or just playing around; communication is key. Without it, this whole thing could fall apart.

Why is BDSM sex beneficial?

There are many reasons why this could be beneficial. For example, there are some people who don’t enjoy pain during sex, but they still want to push themselves past their limits. If someone was dominating them in bed, then they wouldn’t be able to do this because they’d be too afraid of hurting them.

By being taken by a Dom, however, it allows them to experiment with things they would otherwise never consider trying. A good Dom will always take into consideration the desires of their submissive partner before acting on their own kinks, so it’s not as if they’re forcing someone to do something they don’t want to do.

Another reason why this type of relationship can work is because it provides structure and boundaries that other relationships lack. When you aren’t used to having someone else decide what you should be doing, it can feel like your life is spinning out of control.

This feeling is compounded when you’re already stressed about something else in your life; the idea of giving up control to someone else might seem terrifying at first. However, by allowing yourself to submit to someone else’s commands, you’re actually relieving a lot of that stress. You know exactly what your role is going to be, and you won’t have to worry about making decisions or facing consequences. This is extremely beneficial for people who are struggling with anxiety or depression.

Where can I find a BDSM partner?

If you live in a large city, chances are you have access to plenty of options. Some cities have dedicated clubs that focus exclusively on BDSM relationships. These places are usually run by people who are experienced in the lifestyle, so they can help you navigate the waters if you’re new to it. Other times, you’ll find people that frequent these venues looking to connect with others.

You can also sign up for a BDSM dating site, such as BDSMSexDates.com like we’ve previously mentioned. Another popular community is called Fetlife. It’s pretty open about what goes on within its borders, and you can find anything you could possibly imagine. Be careful though, because while it’s fairly easy to meet people, it’s also easy to cross lines you might not be expecting.

Are BDSM relationships healthy?

A lot of people who are in BDSM relationships wonder whether or not their relationship is actually healthy. The truth is, it depends entirely on the people involved. People who are in BDSM relationships tend to have a higher level of trust than those who aren’t, so there’s less chance of cheating or affairs. Both parties have to be completely comfortable in this type of relationship, and it has to be something that both people want.

However, that’s not to say that it’s perfect. Many of the problems that are seen in vanilla relationships are present here as well. One issue is jealousy, which is common in any relationship. If one partner gets jealous and decides to act on it, they could hurt the other partner. In BDSM, this could easily mean physical harm, so it’s important to make sure you don’t cross the line.

Another big problem is abuse. Just because someone likes to be dominated in bed doesn’t mean they’re willing to tolerate being hit or abused. Even if they are okay with it, they should tell the other person and be vocal about their feelings. If someone is too scared to speak up, then it could quickly turn into abuse.

In general, though, BDSM relationships are far healthier than vanilla ones. The main difference is that the dominant partner is always in control, and they’re helping the submissive partner to push their limits and grow. This is beneficial for both partners, and it helps them to develop a deeper connection to each other.

What do I do now?

Now that you understand the basics of BDSM, you should be ready to start experimenting. You should also start thinking about finding a partner. Have fun!

How Online Sex Chat Can Improve Your Wellbeing

Which form of relational growth is most effective: helps in building an intimate bond or a playful interaction? What exactly is a “relationship coach”? Is it just a person in another country or is it a kind of psychotherapy over the Internet?

“There’s no doubt that online dating to find free sex right away can bring people together, but it’s an encounter that can easily slip under the radar,” according to German psychologist and psychoanalyst Professor Frank Heinz from the University of Mainz. “Online flirting is much less intensive and direct than face-to-face communication and the non-verbal, inner dimensions of human relationships are overlooked.” “Internet dating is based on a kind of ‘distance love’ where the partner lives on the other side of the planet and, even if emotions are displayed emotionally, there is no personal contact.”

However, are such short, online interactions, like the ones people have on sex chat, in fact enough in order to develop a worthwhile relationship? The “question of how relationships can be brought about online has not yet been asked with sufficient depth,” says Heinz. His extensive research project has produced results for which anyone who wants to improve their relationship can take advantage of the advice.

How Online Dating and Online Relationships Work

A study conducted by Heinz and his colleague and sociologist Dr. Andrei Schmid into the relationship dynamic of online relationships first of all revealed that a person’s own beliefs about their partner play a key role. “In online relationships you can easily deceive yourself and tell yourself that you’re communicating with multiple people.”

Heinz found that having a good self-image and great self-confidence was key for relationships to develop. “Those who consider themselves as ‘hot’ or ‘charming’ get along better with others,” the psychologist says. “That’s also why people are better at developing relationships when they are in their forties.”

In order to be able to successfully navigate these new relationships, people need to take account of the fact that online relationships and Internet dating are based on a kind of self-deception. Schmid and Heinz point out that people only share what they are really feeling and that people in bad relationships only wish that things were different.

On the other side of the Internet, this often leads to the impression that the person is not only “out of touch,” but also “brutal,” and then the other person quickly distances themselves from the person. In the end, the whole Internet dating experience can also be described as a “crisis,” it says, noting that the relationships are built and broken quickly.

“That’s why it’s important for people to understand how they can use the Internet to develop their own successful relationship,” says Heinz. At the end of the day, it’s often more important to have the right intention with a person than to have a perfect relationship. And the Internet offers you plenty of opportunities to work on your relationship with others.

Ways to Improve Your Relationship Using the Internet

Talking and listening

When you create an online profile, you first need to know that you have to listen. “You need to be more observant; be attentive and have a good self-image,” says Schmid. “You need to be interested in the other person and what they are saying. Of course, you need to know how to formulate your own questions, but it’s even more important to listen actively.”

“Not only should you be attentive to positive and negative statements, but you should also consider what is not being said. That’s what I call ‘listening for the silence.’” Heinz recommends spending at least 20 to 30 minutes with each person. Think about what interests you most. “Work on yourself and your interests and put yourself in the situation that you want to spend time with someone who is interesting to you. The things that you are interested in and that your partner is interested in are also things that can spark up a relationship.”

It is also important to be efficient in the amount of time you invest in a conversation. If you’re not interested in the conversation, don’t talk to the person. “Find something about them that you’re interested in and get to know them,” says Heinz. “It’s essential to stop in the right moment.”

Be genuine and yourself

This is where people end up in their dating lives. Being yourself – being you – is the most important feature of a good relationship. There’s no need to fake it. “That doesn’t mean that you have to act like a robot,” says Heinz. “But it’s important to behave naturally and naturally and not to exaggerate social skills.”

“Often, people aren’t themselves in their romantic relationships. That’s why, if you’ve already made a positive impression on a person, you can always create more space for yourself.”

When you’re open to a new relationship, you should spend time to discover the person you want to spend time with. “Become interested in the person, do things together, and discuss all the things you like. That’s how you can get to know a person,” says Heinz. “If you’re not yourself, it’s hard to connect to another person.”

A good self-image is an important aspect of improving your chances of being successful in online relationships, says Heinz. It doesn’t matter whether you’re famous, rich or poor, as long as you like yourself and accept yourself as you are. Heinz advises that people create an online profile (e.g. for an Internet dating site), but that they also create an offline profile first:

“In the offline profile, you describe yourself as you are. That means that it’s important to write about who you are and what you like. And that’s something that people sometimes forget in the online profile.”

How To Make Yourself A More Desirable Partner For Dating and Hookups

The question “What do I look for in a relationship partner?” may be easy to answer. If you have a problem getting the right man into your life, consider who you find attractive as a friend. Consider what your relationship can gain from you and why it does not appreciate the space you work in to improve yourself and your partner.

While these simple methods can help make your partner feel more attractive, there is only so much you can do to build their confidence. You cannot make yourself a better or more “attractive” partner by simply becoming a “better, enhanced” version of yourself. 

Focus on your self esteem

If you continue to see yourself negatively, your partner will start to believe it too. No one enjoys being in a relationship with someone who has low self-esteem, and if you don’t care what you look like, your partner doesn’t care either. If you sign up for any dating and hookup site like Tinder, you’ll see that there are people of all shapes and sizes successfully finding partners, so don’t ever get too hung up on your appearance.

How you feel is, for example, how you will behave in the relationship, and that is one of the factors of attraction. If you can put yourself in a confident state of mind, you will become irresistible. But if you lack confidence, they’ll notice.

If you really want a committed partner, you need to make a relationship something they desire and need. If you believe that the attraction is gone and everything else is because of it, then the fact that you are no longer attracted to your partner is guaranteed to lead to less commitment in the relationship.

Keep physically active

Keeping yourself physically active also contributes to a more active sex life, which is just as important in a good marriage. It is also important to feel sexy and sexual and to work on the positivity and self-esteem of the body – another way to focus on your own body and its desires.

The desire for sex with your partner may come about, but it can also start from within. The ability to meet your own needs leads to a higher quality partner, who in turn attracts partners of higher quality into your life. Focusing on self-sufficiency can also lead to focusing more on oneself and less on the needs of the other person.

You don’t have to look like you did when you were younger, but you can’t just let go. If you are looking for a long-term partner, you want to make sure that you are attractive to them as a whole and also to yourself, so that they don’t mind loving you a little more. So if you want to attract a more attractive partner than your current partner (or even your ex-partner), there are a few ways to appeal to people. 

Focus on feeling happiness

If you want to have a happy relationship with a friend who values you, you can compromise your desires and needs for a relationship when you feel happy. Start by making him want you more.

Even if you have to make some changes to your life, your compromises shouldn’t make you unhappy, and it is even nicer if it feels as if you have learned a way to become even more attractive than you already are. 

When you meet for the first time, there are certain universal qualities that you may want to look for in a relationship partner who will ensure a happy outcome. Each partner brings good and bad qualities, but you can’t know for sure which of them will bring them.

My final thoughts

If you don’t know want to do to become a better partner, ask yourself what you look for in others. Everyone has flaws, and if you feel like you’re struggling in your relationship, focus on yourself and work on yourself – love and you’ll see things improve.

If you truly love your partners and they love you, then you want to be the best person you can be for them. For a relationship to last, we all want someone to love us for who we are, not for who we want to be or who they think we should be. 

Spend One Week in a Spectacular Setting With 27 Other Amazing Women and Become the Writer You’d Always Wished You Could Be

“I’ve never had such a wonderful experience with so many beautiful loving and supportive women. I learned so much from Jennifer and Suzanne. I know I will go home with a positive and joyful attitude. And I can’t wait to start writing!” –Jeanne Laundy, 2006 Participant

“I feel like I fell in love with myself, the woman I discovered at the Writer’s Spa! I always knew she was in there but it was wonderful having the help to get her to come out and shine. Your Spa went way beyond my expectations, and let me tell you… I had really high expectations!” –Karen Booy, 2004 & 2005 Participant

This week-long workshop is designed for serious or professional writers, artists, performers and other creative thinkers who want to rekindle the spark and their commitment to their creative work. (We call it the Writer’s Spa, but year after year it seems to attract all sorts of artistic souls.)

It’s also for any busy, working creators who wish time to rest, juice their creativity, and get a new perspective on their process.

The Writer’s Spa is even for those with a creative vision of any kind that needs some clarity or a shot of mojo.

More than just a writer’s retreat or workshop, this is a spa, a place to relax, and unwind with your creative work.

We help you renew and nurture your creative soul — and that helps you claim your full emotional power as a writer or artist of any kind.

“The experience just gets better and better for me every year! My second time around I was able to take my writing and my attitude to the next level and only because of Suzanne and Jennifer.

Their concerns with my comfort, happiness, satisfaction and everything truly makes the spa a retreat.” –Dana Boyd, 2006 Participant.

Spend the week with Jennifer Louden, coach and author of six books, including the bestseller The Woman’s Comfort Book, and Suzanne Falter-Barns, creative marketing consultant and author of the creativity classics, How Much Joy Can You Stand? and Living Your Joy. Together, they’ll provide supportive coaching, in a structured, non-competitive, beautiful retreat environment.

“The Writer’s Spa offers a truly integral approach to writing, encompassing spirituality, creativity, critical thinking, reflection, and multiple learning styles. Respecting a diversity of interests and experiences, Jennifer and Suzanne did an extraordinary job of providing instruction and information resources to equip every individual for a transformational writing experience.” –Dahna Willis, 2005 Participant

Suzanne and Jennifer will teach you:

  • How to be more productive.
  • How to push past the little voices that keep your writing small.
  • How to nurture yourself into deeper work.
  • How to connect with your divine purpose as a writer.
  • How to stick to a writing schedule.
  • How to use your body and mood to love writing more.
  • How to suitably impress agents and editors…and explore getting a book deal if you want one

At The Writer’s Spa, you’ll find:

  • Space, time, and peace to get your writing done.
  • On-the-spot coaching on your writing/creating when you hit snags and trouble spots as you work.
  • Important resources and techniques that help you keep on nurturing your writing.
  • Useful information about getting published.
  • A critical on-going support network.
  • A pack of creative, fun, joyful women who, like you, are up for a soul-fulfilling adventure.
  • A colorful, stimulating environment in which someone ELSE is doing the cooking and cleaning, and you get to just lay back, enjoy…and create!

The Writer’s Spa opened new thought passages for me. Delightful women from many locales and walks of life were given awesome opportunities to explore new ways to approach their writing – Suzanne and Jennifer are super!” –Helen Waters, 2005 participant

“When I arrived at the Writer’s Spa … I felt pretty depleted creatively and physically. Then throught he fabulous seminars that Jennifer and Suzanne enthusiastically presented, I began to find my bearings again.

The magic of the amazing food, the mountains in the distance, the weather and more healed my empty parts. I felt like I was in a different dimension here, far, far away from ordinary life. Thank you, Jennifer and Suzanne!” –Christina Frei, 2006 Participant

“The Writer’s Spa is a delicious and delightful experience. Suzanne and Jennifer create a safe and comfortable space for women to explore and be excited about their writing. They are brilliant facilitators, beautiful women and genuine to the core. Give your writing an amazing gift by attending this retreat.” –Lisa Evans, 2006 Participant

Each day includes writing time, yoga, and a variety of mini-seminars to choose from including:

“Creating the Time, the Mood, and the Energy to Write”

“Discovering Your Divine Purpose as a Writer”

“How to Get Publishers & Other Creative Pundits to Take You Seriously”

“Befriending the Critic”

“Living the Artist’s Life”

Participants will also receive:

On the Spot coaching as needed with Suzanne or Jennifer as they work

A take-home folder full of useful tools for writing, plus class notes from each of the optional mini-seminars.

At least one field trip to a local artist’s studio to hear about their creative process and see their work

Time to explore the vibrant, creative environment of Taos

A critical support network to help continue their work.

Fun, nurturing surprises to add just a little more soul candy to your retreat (Last year chair massages upon arrival were a BIG hit!)

The Writer’s Spa is STRICTLY limited to 28 PARTICIPANTS.

Put Your Dream on the Fast Track with a Single Click

The Live Your Joy e-course is simple. And it works. How do I know?

I’ve been at this for a long time, and believe me, I know when I’ve got the spiritually guided goods. The last time I felt like this was when I wrote my first self help book, How Much Joy Can You Stand? ten years ago.

Since then that little book has been read by more than 60,000 people around the world.

And it’s been featured in Self, Fitness, Woman’s Day, The Christian Science Monitor, i-village, msn.com and more than 100 radio and TV show. And it spawned another book, Living Your Joy, which became an Amazon best-seller and was called one of 9 ‘Best of the Best’ self help books by SELF Magazine.

So believe me when I say this is valuable work.

Why I Decided Not to Make This Program a One Shot Deal , But Went for the Slow Dribble Instead

By the way, you may notice this product is not an e-book. Why? Because even a turbo-read through an ebook won’t solve the problem of an unfocussed, dragging dream. What’s called for is continuous support, in a small dribble, if you will, over time. Just like an e-course can deliver.

In a recent survey, 350 of my Joy Letter readers told me:

  • “I want to learn how to incorporate my dream with ‘reality’.”
  • “How do I know if I’m on the right track?”
  • “Put me on a course … show me how my dream can be done ‘against all odds’.”
  • “I need to overcome my fear of putting myself out there”

The answer is to be reminded every few days about your dream – and then be inspired to act on it with guided lessons.

What anyone with a lagging dream needs is deep work that begins with a committed course of action – even if it’s only 15 minutes per day or two hours per week. That’s the minimum amount of time I estimate this program requires to get you going. (Once your passion kicks in, of course, wild horses won’t be able to drag you away from your project … you’ll happily be putting in all kinds of time – and getting all kinds of results.)

Still, I realize your time is precious. That’s why this course sends out only two e-lessons per week … just enough material to give you lots to think about without being overwhelming.

That steady presence in your mailbox keeps your encouragement up and turns your mind around about your dream. So you’ll find yourself getting more and more excited and committed.

nd that growing sense of passion stops any tendency to get distracted or sidetracked.

Why I’ve Combined These e-Lessons With a Secret Weapon!

But you need more than just regular encouragement to tap into your passion … you need critical guidance and tools to find your way along the path of your ream.

That’s why the Live Your Joy e-course combines e-lessons with MP3 downloadable recordings of guided visualizations and affirmations.

These arrive in the middle of the program, just when you’re ready to move to that level of work.

Scientific studies have proven again and again that listening to affirmations, and even repeating them, physically change the tiny structures in your brain that actively effect what you say and do.

So yes … you need these affirmations to make a real difference in your dream

Imagine how empowered and juiced you’ll be after driving to work, listening to a CD you’d burned of the course’s affirmation recording, “Believing in the Bigger You”.

Or how great it will feel to sink back into a comforting, guided meditation like “Your Power Studio” that takes you to the next level in your dream work when you get home, tired, from your job.

Again – just to really make the point — here is just some of what the 10-week program covers:

  • Cutting Through Procrastination, Good Excuses, and Other Nasty Lies
  • Deepening you Intuition
  • Determining What’s Your Intuition and What’s Not
  • Giving Yourself Permission
  • Tapping Into Your Natural Discipline
  • Believing in the Bigger You
  • Creating a Guided Task List
  • Making the Right Connections
  • How & When to Share Your Work
  • Sticking to a Schedule
  • Managing Your Fears
  • Creating a Power Studio

When I put a new course out there, I tend to get a lot of positive feedback.

That’s how I know the combination of e-lessons and meditations are effective.

Here’s what some students said about other courses I’ve created.

So … do you really need this course?

Certainly not! I’m the first to say that many motivated souls out there can happily live their dreams with no help from me. And to them, I tip my hat. That kind of passion is invigorating and impressive.

But that’s not ‘most people’. Most people get discouraged, or stay muddled, or simply haven’t got the guts to go out there with their dream all by themselves. Which is why I created the Live Your Joy e-course … because I’m committed to helping YOU live your dream.

At any rate, perhaps you’d like a free sample. If so … here it is.

Want a Little Taster of This Course
… Just Like in a Fine Cheese Shop?

If you’re sitting on the fence, just not convinced this program is for you, I can put your mind at ease. I’d like to offer you right now, without delay, the first two weeks of this program for utterly, absolutely free.

Not because I’ve lost my mind, mind you, but simply because I believe in the power of what I’ve created here … and I know if you download it and work it, you’ll catch the bug, too.

More than anything I want you to live your dreams – I really do! And I know this can help move you seriously forward.

If you’re like ‘most people’ and you find it hard to stay in the game, or sit still at your desk and create, this program will help. If it doesn’t, I want you to use our money-back guarantee.

So here’s the offer: a 10-week program that takes you by the hand and gently nudges you into making your dream real in your life with

  • 10 laser focused e-lessons that move you to the next level with your dream
  • 2 MP3 recordings* of Suzanne leading guided visualizations and guided writing exercises, to deepen your intuitive/spiritual access.
  • 1 MP3 affirmation recording* that wipes out old habitual patterns of negative thinking and staying small
  • Access to a Yahoo Group of like-minded others who are following the Live Your Joy work, with frequent check-ins from Suzanne

*These recordings will be sent as link you can download into your computer as the program progresses. Then you can play them either on a CD you burn, your MP3 player, or on your computer.

Oh, yeah … I’ve got bonuses, too. But NOT because I need to throw a thousand bonuses your way to make this program seem more valuable. I know it stands alone quite happily.

I’ve added bonuses simply because I want you to have an extraordinary New Year – and this product, plus the accompanying package of great New Year’s goodies means This will be the Year You Soar.

Here’s the full deal …

When you buy the Live Your Joy e-course, you’ll get a link to your first lesson within moments. You’ll also get my Live Your Joy Super Bonus Bundle

  • Special Report: Get a Clean Start to Your Year
  • Special Report: How to Moonlight Without Losing Your Mind
  • An Especially Helpful Special Report: How to Take an e-course So it Really Works

Once you start our Live Your Joy e-program, you’ll probably find you also want to dig into your Soul Purpose. So we’ve created a special guided visualization CD and mini e-workbook titled ‘Discover Your Soul Purpose’ that helps you really lock into your purpose in life … and go for it! You can learn more about the Discover Your Soul Purpose CD here.

As a courtesy, we’ve made this recording available with our Live Your Joy ecourse for a special, bundled price of $116… with our compliments!

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Is it Time Someone Pulled You Up By Your Bootstraps and Really Got You Going on Your Dream?

Got a dream but no idea where or how to begin?

Wish you could stick with your dream … instead of getting discouraged and quitting? Want real spiritual guidance on what to do next?

If you’re like most of us, you spend WAY too much time mulling over your dream, and very little time actually in the driver’s seat, making it happen.

The fact is, we all have dreams … but how many of us actually make them real? We may prod them gingerly, but we usually give up before we even get going.

That’s because we lack passion. Yet here’s the sad truth:

Everyone wants passion and anyone can get it … but they don’t.

We usually give up on our dream before our passion has a chance to kick in. And that’s why I developed my Live Your Joy e-course.

What World Class Conductors and Fortune 500 Executives Have That You Can Get, Too …Unless You’re a Dabbler

Passion is THE critical ingredient to successful dream pursuit. It’s been proven to be the driving force in the lives of everyone from symphony conductors to Fortune 500 executives. Passion helps you hang in there when the going gets tough – AND it makes you wake up excited each day.

But unless you put in time starting your dream, stoking its fire, and getting it going, you simply won’t connect with your passion.

You’ll never know the pleasure of total immersion in your work.

Or the pride of creating your special gift.

Or the satisfaction of sharing that work with the people who need it most.

But hey … maybe you’re perfectly comfortable dabbling at your interests, and not really sharing them with the world.

Maybe you’re not particularly serious about your dream.

OK … so are you a dabbler? If you are and you don’t want to be, read on! (And even if you’re not, but you’re still intrigued, read on!)

Would you like to …

  • Get rolling on your dream for once and for all … no matter how busy you are
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  • Get clear on just what your dream is because not everyone is totally clear
  • Sharpen your sense of Soul Purpose, after doing my Discover Your Soul Purpose work. (Consider this the ‘master course’)
  • Get the confidence you need to turn your dream into your life, even if it means quitting your job
  • Find the courage to do hard things like start a business, live on a budget, and say ‘No’ to time wasters
  • Deepen your intuitive or spiritual guidance around your dream. It makes things a whole lot easier!
  • Dig even further into your dream … even if you’ve already accomplished more than you thought you would
  • Refresh your inspiration and gusto for your dream. (Dream burnout happens!) … I’ve created this product for you

If you’re new to your dream or not sure what your dream is, I’m going to hold your hand every step of the way. I want to make sure you really get on the right track with your dream.

If you’re a seasoned dream pro, here’s a grand reassessment tool that will take your dream up a notch and kick you into high gear … May the fun begin!

Stop Doing Your Dream the Hard Way… and Tap into Your Inner Instruction Manual

What you may not realize about your dream is that it’s 100% guided. There is a complex system in your inner psyche that delivers all the information your dream requires … exactly when you need it.

Some think of this as their ‘inner voice’; others call it ‘Higher Power’ or ‘Spirit.’ Some flat out don’t believe it. None of that concerns me; I simply want to increase your access to any guidance you get, because this is where your passion, your dream, and your purpose in life all spring from.

My goal is to help you connect deeply, intuitively with your dream and it’s bigger, spiritual roots.

How does the Live Your Joy e-course work?

First of all, this isn’t yet another wordy ebook. And it’s not a string of teleclasses that tie you up for hours or pass you by altogether.

The Live Your Joy e-course is a program of twenty quick, efficient, laser-focused e-lessons that arrive in your email inbox twice per week.

Each lesson includes a key lesson designed to move you forward on your dream PLUS a questionnaire, or a simple assignment to engage you more deeply in the process.

PLUS you get four downloadable MP3 visualization and affirmation recordings that form the heart of this work.

PLUS there’s a lively Yahoo! Group where you can post questions, ideas, concerns and more as you progress through this work.

With this course, you will:

  • Seize your dream with gusto!
  • Stop procrastinating and get on with the good stuff
  • Bump your soul purpose up to the next level
  • Determine which voice is your intuition
  • Give yourself permission
  • Tap into your natural discipline
  • Organize your dream into doable tasks
  • Make useful connections
  • Stick to a schedule
  • Track your progress so you can forge ahead
  • Get the support you need
  • Handle rejections
  • Plan your future effectively

And most of all – you’ll fire up your passion so you can finally, fully get going on that dream of yours. No matter what it takes!

Fire Up Your Dream in the Time It Takes to Drink a Cup of Coffee!

Think you don’t have time for your dream? Think again!

The program tucks itself into your life in an efficient 15-20 minutes per day – or 2 hours per week, depending on how you break it down. I’ve cut out the blather, and streamlined it to be as powerful and effective as possible, so you can get to work on your dream easily and effectively.

I know deep in my heart that this is powerful stuff. But don’t take it from me. Here’s what master coach Philip Humbert has to say about my work. (Phil’s wonderful TIPS ezine reaches an inspired 50,000 around the world.)

The Live Your Joy e-course is perfect for anyone who

  • Can’t stick with their dream consistently
  • Wants to go deeper with their dream
  • Wants better, clearer spiritual/intuitive guidance
  • Tends to get sidetracked
  • Has a great idea but no idea how to start it
  • Doesn’t know what their dream is
  • Needs more clarity on how to proceed
  • Feels like they’re hiding their talents
  • Needs encouragement and focus
  • Knows what they have to do … but can’t do it
  • Lived one dream … and is ready to start another


  • Coaches who need tools to move stuck clients forward
  • Writers who need courage to get published
  • Working single moms who also have dreams
  • Anyone who wants to make a serious change in their life
  • Speakers who want to effect more audiences more deeply
  • Creative moonlighters who’d like to leave their job
  • Entrepreneurs who need to get their business cranking
  • New retirees or empty nesters looking for the next great thing

In One Brief Hour, I Can Help You Find Your True Purpose In Life… and Find the Courage to Actually Live it!

Are you spending your life the way you are meant to?

Do you move through life excited and exhilarated because you are using the gifts you were given at birth?

Or are you still waiting for the big instruction book to drop into your lap that will finally explain how to be happy?

If so, you’re not alone.

Believe it or not, you’ve actually got important work to do in this life. You were handed a very specific job on the day you were born, though you probably weren’t quite aware of it at the time.

Instead, you got busy, and eventually forgot all about that very special job you are meant to do. And now, you realize something’s missing … yet, you don’t even know how to find your life purpose.

But believe it or not, it’s still there. Your special job is patiently waiting for you to listen up and get to work.

I like to think of this as your Soul Purpose in life. Once you know what it is, you can finally make decisions that will feed your soul and make life fulfilling again. You don’t even have to have a mid-life crisis to get in touch with it.

But first … let me tell you about Lenny.

What a Tearful Advertising Art Director Taught Me About Purpose

Lenny was a wise and wonderful friend I knew when I worked in advertising.

And he was a genius … except not at what he did all day long.

You see, Lenny was a highly paid, very skilled art director in our ad agency. But more than that, he was a brilliant cartoonist.

All day long, in meetings, offices, wherever he was, Lenny would doodle away hilarious, gorgeous cartoons.

His apartment was filled with them. Yet, he was also conflicted; rather than try to sell his cartoons and be the New Yorker-level artist that he was, he cranked out ads for money instead.

And so he spent a fair amount of time feeling pretty miserable.

Lenny simply didn’t know that his Soul Purpose was to enlighten and amuse people. Instead, he thought it was to design marketing messages.

He got his Soul Purpose wrong … and so he wasted an enormous gift and a whole lot of happiness.

I’d rather you didn’t end up like Lenny, who was last seen pouring out his woes tearfully in a well worn seat at his favorite bar.

Instead, stop agreeing to do things that kill your energy and deaden your vision.

Once you know your Soul Purpose, you no longer find yourself automatically saying ‘yes’ all the time.

Instead, you’ll find yourself enthusiastically embarking on things that fit your life purpose, and gently but firmly saying ‘no’ to the things that don’t.

Knowing your Soul Purpose can mean the difference between slogging off to a ho-hum office to do ho-hum work every day, and rising every morning with a fire in your belly, full of happiness and eager to get to work.

What Sets the Truly Successful Apart from the Also-Rans?

Having a true, connected sense of purpose is actually what sets the successful, passionate business person apart from the rest of us.

They know what they’re here for, and that’s their number one priority!

Now, you may not know how to find your life purpose yet. (Hint: it’s probably not the job that leaves you feeling like a truck ran over you at the end of the day.) But not to worry … that’s actually one of the reasons I’m here.

But before we get into all that, let me point out one more interesting thing about your Soul Purpose. Once you commit to it, it runs on auto-pilot.

All you have to do is get up in the morning, and your Soul Purpose will tell you exactly what to do that day, and the next day, and the next … right up until the last day of your life. The information is right there in your gut, just waiting to be tapped into.

This is how romance novelist Barbara Cartland wrote a staggering 900 (yes, that’s nine hundred) books. She knew her purpose in life and set about accomplishing it very neatly.

The night before she began each new book, she’d ask her soul to get ready to deliver the next book. Then the next day she’d recline on her couch, arrange a rug over her legs, and begin to dictate the book to her secretary.

It really is that simple … if you know what you’re supposed to be doing.

This is why I’ve created a powerful CD and mini e-workbook that helps you discover your Soul Purpose.

What More Than 1000 People Already Know That You Don’t

So what could possibly be in a simple CD that changes your life? Psychically designed tools that have proven effective, again and again and again … that’s what!

Here’s the deal: in 2003, I discovered this process in the course of extensive meditation. (I’m an old psychic healer and meditator from way back when.)

I created this program and within two short years, more than 1000 people have ordered it from me.

And since then fewer than one dozen folks have returned it. (See my complete, money-back guarantee below.)

That means 988 people are well in touch with their Soul Purpose.

Why? Because this process works … if you’re open to it.

The Discover Your Soul Purpose CD & E-Workbook provides you with an easy, guided visualization plus written tools you can do to get in touch with your true purpose in life.

Order the program and you’ll get:

  • A thorough explanation of exactly what your Soul Purpose is … and what it isn’t plus guidance on how to use the CD
  • A powerful meditation in which you can actually see yourself find your life purpose, which you can do again and again as needed. (If that’s not an antidote to a mid-life crisis… what is?)
  • Access to partners, guides and unexpected supporters, seen and unseen, whom you can turn to for help along the way
  • Another meditation that helps you learn what to do each step of the way as you begin to live your Soul Purpose
  • A way to ask for specific guidance with any questions or problems you’re struggling with regarding the meaning of life
  • Written exercises to deepen your Soul Purpose explorations

It’s Frighteningly Easy to Learn Your Soul Purpose

Here’s how it works …

When you buy our CD, you get a welcome email with a link to an instantly downloadable mini e-workbook and complete instructions. Then, several business days later (or slightly longer if you’re overseas,) you’ll get our CD in the mail. This includes the basic “Discover Your Soul Purpose” meditation, as well as a special bonus — the “Getting More Information” meditation.

The ‘Getting More Information’ visualization is a wonderful process that helps you probe more deeply for your Soul Purpose path guidance.

Think of it as spiritual instruction – or clarification for when the path gets muddy. That’s really helpful!

The Discover Your Soul Purpose mini e-workbook is an elegant little guide that will teach you how to interpret your Soul Purpose meditation, and what to do with the information you get. It will also guide you on:

  1. How to create an on-going listening for Soul Purpose work
  2. How to create a loose, creative plan of action with what you learned
  3. How to use your Soul Purpose once you understand what it is
  4. What to do if your Soul Purpose is fuzzy, unclear, or in any way obstructed
  5. Sometimes, for instance, you may have such a surprising purpose you simply can’t believe it at first. You may even get an image that seems wrong at first, or indecipherable… these exercises will help.