How Much Joy

Is it Time Someone Pulled You Up By Your Bootstraps and Really Got You Going on Your Dream?

Got a dream but no idea where or how to begin?

Wish you could stick with your dream … instead of getting discouraged and quitting? Want real spiritual guidance on what to do next?

If you’re like most of us, you spend WAY too much time mulling over your dream, and very little time actually in the driver’s seat, making it happen.

The fact is, we all have dreams … but how many of us actually make them real? We may prod them gingerly, but we usually give up before we even get going.

That’s because we lack passion. Yet here’s the sad truth:

Everyone wants passion and anyone can get it … but they don’t.

We usually give up on our dream before our passion has a chance to kick in. And that’s why I developed my Live Your Joy e-course.

What World Class Conductors and Fortune 500 Executives Have That You Can Get, Too …Unless You’re a Dabbler

Passion is THE critical ingredient to successful dream pursuit. It’s been proven to be the driving force in the lives of everyone from symphony conductors to Fortune 500 executives. Passion helps you hang in there when the going gets tough – AND it makes you wake up excited each day.

But unless you put in time starting your dream, stoking its fire, and getting it going, you simply won’t connect with your passion.

You’ll never know the pleasure of total immersion in your work.

Or the pride of creating your special gift.

Or the satisfaction of sharing that work with the people who need it most.

But hey … maybe you’re perfectly comfortable dabbling at your interests, and not really sharing them with the world.

Maybe you’re not particularly serious about your dream.

OK … so are you a dabbler? If you are and you don’t want to be, read on! (And even if you’re not, but you’re still intrigued, read on!)

Would you like to …

  • Get rolling on your dream for once and for all … no matter how busy you are
  • Stay committed to your dream work – even when the going gets rough, boredom kicks in, or ‘life’ gets in the way
  • Get clear on just what your dream is because not everyone is totally clear
  • Sharpen your sense of Soul Purpose, after doing my Discover Your Soul Purpose work. (Consider this the ‘master course’)
  • Get the confidence you need to turn your dream into your life, even if it means quitting your job
  • Find the courage to do hard things like start a business, live on a budget, and say ‘No’ to time wasters
  • Deepen your intuitive or spiritual guidance around your dream. It makes things a whole lot easier!
  • Dig even further into your dream … even if you’ve already accomplished more than you thought you would
  • Refresh your inspiration and gusto for your dream. (Dream burnout happens!) … I’ve created this product for you

If you’re new to your dream or not sure what your dream is, I’m going to hold your hand every step of the way. I want to make sure you really get on the right track with your dream.

If you’re a seasoned dream pro, here’s a grand reassessment tool that will take your dream up a notch and kick you into high gear … May the fun begin!

Stop Doing Your Dream the Hard Way… and Tap into Your Inner Instruction Manual

What you may not realize about your dream is that it’s 100% guided. There is a complex system in your inner psyche that delivers all the information your dream requires … exactly when you need it.

Some think of this as their ‘inner voice’; others call it ‘Higher Power’ or ‘Spirit.’ Some flat out don’t believe it. None of that concerns me; I simply want to increase your access to any guidance you get, because this is where your passion, your dream, and your purpose in life all spring from.

My goal is to help you connect deeply, intuitively with your dream and it’s bigger, spiritual roots.

How does the Live Your Joy e-course work?

First of all, this isn’t yet another wordy ebook. And it’s not a string of teleclasses that tie you up for hours or pass you by altogether.

The Live Your Joy e-course is a program of twenty quick, efficient, laser-focused e-lessons that arrive in your email inbox twice per week.

Each lesson includes a key lesson designed to move you forward on your dream PLUS a questionnaire, or a simple assignment to engage you more deeply in the process.

PLUS you get four downloadable MP3 visualization and affirmation recordings that form the heart of this work.

PLUS there’s a lively Yahoo! Group where you can post questions, ideas, concerns and more as you progress through this work.

With this course, you will:

  • Seize your dream with gusto!
  • Stop procrastinating and get on with the good stuff
  • Bump your soul purpose up to the next level
  • Determine which voice is your intuition
  • Give yourself permission
  • Tap into your natural discipline
  • Organize your dream into doable tasks
  • Make useful connections
  • Stick to a schedule
  • Track your progress so you can forge ahead
  • Get the support you need
  • Handle rejections
  • Plan your future effectively

And most of all – you’ll fire up your passion so you can finally, fully get going on that dream of yours. No matter what it takes!

Fire Up Your Dream in the Time It Takes to Drink a Cup of Coffee!

Think you don’t have time for your dream? Think again!

The program tucks itself into your life in an efficient 15-20 minutes per day – or 2 hours per week, depending on how you break it down. I’ve cut out the blather, and streamlined it to be as powerful and effective as possible, so you can get to work on your dream easily and effectively.

I know deep in my heart that this is powerful stuff. But don’t take it from me. Here’s what master coach Philip Humbert has to say about my work. (Phil’s wonderful TIPS ezine reaches an inspired 50,000 around the world.)

The Live Your Joy e-course is perfect for anyone who

  • Can’t stick with their dream consistently
  • Wants to go deeper with their dream
  • Wants better, clearer spiritual/intuitive guidance
  • Tends to get sidetracked
  • Has a great idea but no idea how to start it
  • Doesn’t know what their dream is
  • Needs more clarity on how to proceed
  • Feels like they’re hiding their talents
  • Needs encouragement and focus
  • Knows what they have to do … but can’t do it
  • Lived one dream … and is ready to start another


  • Coaches who need tools to move stuck clients forward
  • Writers who need courage to get published
  • Working single moms who also have dreams
  • Anyone who wants to make a serious change in their life
  • Speakers who want to effect more audiences more deeply
  • Creative moonlighters who’d like to leave their job
  • Entrepreneurs who need to get their business cranking
  • New retirees or empty nesters looking for the next great thing

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