How Much Joy


Helping Anyone With a Dream Live Their Joy

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I know what my life purpose is — I just haven’t got time to live it.
  • I’d like to quit my job for my life purpose, but how?
  • I want to lead workshops that help others find their creative, spiritual gift

I’m Suzanne Falter-Barns, a creativity expert.

If you’ve checked any of the questions above, you’ve come to the right place. My purpose is to help you live your purpose and discover the real happiness in life. The key is listen to your dreams. Here are some tips to get you started on the pursuit of happiness.

Tip #1:

Tap into your Soul Purpose. To stay committed to your dream, first you need to understand your Soul Purpose in life. And, yes, you do have one… even if you have no idea what it is. It’s the source for all that feels really good and true in your life, and it lies in the very deep nooks and crannies of your soul.

That’s why I created my Discover Your Soul Purpose CD. It’s the one-hour solution that really will help you lock in on that special thing that you are here to do. Click here for more details.

Tip #2:

Your dream is far more doable than you ever guessed…it really is your “job” in life! But how many of us actually believe that? We’re conditioned to think that we have to be “realistic” about our dream, that it probably won’t happen in this lifetime.

Well, such thinking is just plain wrong. I’ve helped thousands of people, from writers and artists to life coaches and entrepreneurs, to jump-start their creativity and find the inspiration they need to live their dreams. Which could be why I’m considered a creativity expert in the first place. I’d like to help you, too.

Tip #3:

Pick a regular time of the day to work on creating your dream, when your energy is really flowing. Give it 15-30 minutes at first, and then gradually build.

Get up earlier or go the bed later to make that time. Or use my “30 Guaranteed Time Savers” from my new book, Living Your Joy; A Practical Guide to Happiness, and plan exactly how long you want any task to take. For instance, decide to clean the house in two hours, instead of just doing it as long as it takes. This will keep you focused and efficient.

Tip #4:

Cash in on your dream.

Did you know you’ve already got the makings of a hefty Dream Savings Account?

Spend a weekend sorting through your things, looking for what you can sell on E-Bay or in a garage or yard sale.

Be creative!

This requires some work, but the net takeaway can be close to $1000, if you plan it carefully enough and pick high traffic locations for sales.

Then feel the creative energy you’ve unleashed by uncluttering.

If you’re a coach, speaker, a creativity expert yourself … or if just want to a chance to help others with their own pursuit of happiness, you’ll want to take my How Much Joy Can You Stand? Facilitator Training.

It teaches anyone how to create and lead their very own customized creativity workshop – the most affordable, flexible solution on the Web.

“I love the way you pack in so much practical, nuts and bolts information into your classes, Suzanne. Your soul really sparkles through your down to earth, ‘how to get it done’ approach. This is exactly the kind of support I need — soulful and action-oriented.” — Margaret Saizan

Wherever you fall on that great creative spectrum of Those Who Get Things Done, you are sure to find sustenance here. The purpose of my life is to move people to express themselves… and that includes you. Come on in and look around a while.

I can’t wait to see what we create!

Suzanne Falter-Barns
and the Howmuchjoy Gang

PS. In 2000, I wrote a self-help book called How Much Joy Can You Stand? that has helped more than 60,000 people push past their fears, and getting on with their dreams. And that’s what started this whole ball rolling in the first place!

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