5 Ways To Get Sweet Revenge On A Cheater

Cheater’s don’t deserve your sadness and definitely don’t deserve to get off the hook just because they claim their infidelity as a ‘mistake.’

There’s nothing sweeter than revenge and instead of going Carrie Underwood on their ass or car, get them where it really hurts.

1. Find Someone Better:

I’m not saying the next person you date has to be your perfect soulmate, but honestly, anyone is better than your ex if they aren’t out there banging anything with a heartbeat. Put yourself out there and give other potential flings chances. Your entire love life hasn’t gone down the drain just because one asshole doesn’t know how to be in a relationship.

Obviously, the next person you date might be a rebound but you never know where things can lead, and when your ex-sees how happy someone else can make you, their heart will break just like yours did.

2. Go out:

By no means partake in your self-loathing, binge eating, Netflix watching weeks but clean yourself up the second you feel the tiniest bit better. Even if it feels like the end of the world, you and millions of other people still have to function with a broken heart, and you are one of them.

Put your hottest outfit on and go out into the world and rock it. Spend time with your friends, laugh your ass off and remember that you were a person before them and sure as hell will be one after them.

3. Tone Up:

Take all of that anger and despair straight to the gym or track and get it all out. You can use all of that negative energy built up inside to make a positive change for your health and body. Not to mention, working out puts you in a better mindset, helping you release all those unwanted toxins.

This is the time to focus on yourself and put all the effort wasted in that shitty excuse for a relationship into looking hotter than ever. Don’t do it in spite of them but in spite of ever letting yourself go because you got too comfortable.

Not only will you feel better emotionally, mentally and physically but your ex will be drooling at any sight of you, leaving them in utter despair when realizing what they lost.

4: Cut Ties:

All those pictures and posts… gone! Delete them from absolutely everything and partake in one of the best cleanses you’ll do in your life. You don’t need to be reminded of the happy times if they couldn’t remind themselves before hopping into bed with someone else.

Don’t leave any room for them to weasel themselves back into your life with their bullshit apologies; you’re moving on with your life!

5. Viral Announcement:

Do this however you please whether it’s simply changing your relationship status to single or posting a status about the reality of being cheated on. Odds are your family, friends and acquaintances have experienced cheating in one form or another. There’s nothing wrong with being honest about what happened and gaining support from people who sincerely care for you and yearn to see you happy.

Finalizing your breakup by involving other people will further your stance of staying single and humiliate them to the extent of possibly learning from their careless mistake.

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