5 Steps For Sex Chat Success


Using sex chat sites has become a popular source of porn for many people, and is now a preferred method for meeting and talking to people to have some dirty fun with. Navigating these sites is fairly easy, but what isn’t, is landing a successful sex chat where you get exactly what you’re looking for — sex.

Whether you’re inexperienced, not the best at sex chatting, or looking for new insight on how to improve your sex chat success, here are some tips to keep in mind when embarking on your next sex chat hunt.

  1. Choose The Right Site

    If you’re not good with words and are more of a shower than a writer, then you wouldn’t want to pick a sex chat site that is text-only, such as FreeChatNow. Similarly, if you’re on the shyer side and don’t do well on camera with strangers, then you shouldn’t pick a sex cam site, either.

    The key here is to know yourself and what works for you, and how you like to have sex. If you know that you could really wow someone with your words and sensory details, then try out a sex chat room, but if you consider yourself a better shower than a teller, or want to see something more than words, sex cam sites like Instant Chat orĀ Dirty Roulette are perfect for you.

  2. Increase Your Options

    When you enter a sex chat site of your choice, you’ll usually be able to see how many people are online or are in the individual room you picked.

    This is usually a high number, too, depending on which site you’re on. Having a high volume of people in one place that are all looking for sex is a chance to increase your success on these platforms on its own.

    This means that instead of wasting your time messaging one person at a time and dedicating every minute to them in hopes of having sex , you should try messaging a multitude of people! Increasing the number of people you message can only increase your chances, and you’ll be able to meet tons of different people this way.

    Also, you can lure people to you by stating in the main sex chat room your direct intentions. You can do this by typing in something like “Male. 27. Who wants to fuck?”

    The point is to be straight to the point so no time is wasted.

  3. Utilize Filters/Categories

    If you’re on a roulette sex chat type of website, or any that has the option, you’ll notice features that let you filter the type of people you talk to. You can use this tool so that you talk to the people you want to.

    You can select the age, for example, or gender, country, or sex category like BDSM chat, anal chat, or other. Some sites like Shagle even have a gender filter where you can choose to talk to girls only, which helps cut down the unwanted ones.

  4. Use Emojis

    Yes, using your words is an integral part of sex chatting and is what keeps the conversation going until you both cum (which should be your goal), but you should never underestimate the power of an emoji.

    They say a lot with the little effort it takes to type them, but they get the point across. Emojis have become a universal sex code for this day and age, and everyone knows an extensive use of them is symbolic for sex. They also work great at representing physical action if you’re not using your webcam to chat, and leave the other person’s imagination wandering.

  5. Know When To Skip

    If you sense that the person you’re talking to could be a bot, or someone trying to scam you, nine times out of ten they are. Skip.

    If they’re taking too long to reply or seem disinterested; skip.

    If they’re boring to you or not giving you what you need, then skip them!

    Knowing when it’s time to skip or to keep pursuing is critical. You don’t want to end up giving too much attention to someone who’s not going to follow through or reciprocate the same energy you’re giving, so it’s better to skip and move on to the next.