3 Reasons Girls Hate Bumble

While all dating apps have their flaws, I for one, can not stand the constant pressure felt the second I redownload Bumble for another go. Dating apps are supposed to be social and pleasurable not obligated responses, with re-consideration for unwanted bachelors.
1. First Move:

That’s a lot of pressure to put on a girl, and it’s hard not to come off aggressive, regardless of what you say. The second that guys have the power in this situation they take it to the next level, and you can instantly see their boosted ego in their nonchalant response.

I’ve personally tried multiple different approaches to messaging guys and the friendlier you are, the most standoffish responses occur. The messages where I acted entirely uninterested using a simple hello is when I got the most enthusiastic responses. Talk about mind games.

I understand that it’s a new generation and girls are allowed to make the first move, but it should still be a two-way street. I don’t like that there isn’t an option for a guy to message you first or say absolutely anything. The majority of the time we end up being boring because we don’t have a chance to come up with witty, open liners and by the time we do the entire match disappears anyway. There is no winning with this app.

2. Time Limit:

Obviously, if someone doesn’t respond for days on end during a conversation they aren’t that interested but there’s no need to get rid of perfectly eligible bachelor’s because they aren’t keeping up with Bumble‘s ticking time clock. Many people go on swiping binges and then get caught up in real life, but that doesn’t mean you should miss out on a chance to converse with a match due to an unrealistic time constraint.

Twenty- four hours isn’t actually that long after the initial match, especially if you don’t have your notifications on. It’s a little heartbreaking watching the timer slowly countdown to your message with prince charming because he hasn’t been on his phone in the required hours.

Also, you won’t be able to match again because it already happened, so there goes any chance of the timing being perfect for this app. You either get addicted to checking it or annoyed you end up deleting it because you can’t revolve your entire day around an unrealistic time limit.

3. Backtrack Shake:

Yes, we did purposely swipe left we don’t need a reminder of the reject being popped up on our screen one more time. We saw, swiped and are ready to move on so there’s no need to remind us every other swipe that it’s an option. How about the option to backtrack an accidental right swipe because you were drunk and delusional?

Also, we are most likely moving our phone while we adjust ourselves on our bed or whichever way we are sitting which consistently confuses the app making it think we are trying to get the left swipe back. NO! We didn’t like him the first time and the second time he ain’t looking any better.

If you want to learn more about this, check out the video below!  Or if you’re ready to try a dating app that’s a bit better than bumble then head over to cupid.ly or download their dating app on iTunes now.